2017 Annual Pre-Conference: Impact Marketing for Small and Mid-sized Law Firms

As business development and marketing professionals in small to midsize law firms, our resources- time, people, and money- are limited and often stretched to capacity. In order to be successful, we need to be able to implement strategies that are highly customized and that can be executed within our resources to drive business for the firm. 

This pre-conference program focuses on the specific tools needed to be a successful business development and marketing leader in a small to midsize law firm. The session will leverage the knowledge and experience of in-house marketers and consultants who have built innovative programs that can be executed in this environment. Programs will cover a range of business development and marketing topics and will include a variety of case studies so that you can leave with a clear action plan to help you maximize existing resources, and tap into new resources to exceed expectations.

Session Includes:

  • The Leader’s Edge: Critical Leadership Skills for Marketers
  • How Solo Marketers Can Make a Big Splash in a Small-to Mid-Sized Pond
  • Want a New Industry-focused Client Base? Learn How an Associate Built One in Three Years
  • How to Implement a Business Development Intensive
  • Punching Above Your Weight