2018 Legal Marketing Technology West Conference

The following content is presented by the LMA West Region.

Through a variety of session formats, including hands-on workshops, roundtable discussions, TED Talks and panel presentations, LMATech West is where some of the most innovative thinkers in the legal marketing industry provide examples, inspiration and takeaways that attendees of all levels can apply to the challenges and opportunities we face in our roles, in our organizations and in the industry. The programming for the 2018 conference includes the latest trends and issues affecting the legal marketing technology landscape in all stages of the legal sales cycle.

Domains: Business of Law, Business Development, Communications, Client Services, Technology Management and Marketing Management & Leadership

This bundle includes the following sessions:

  • How Technology Shapes News Coverage of the Legal Industry
  • The Social Media Master Class
  • Results-Oriented Innovation Through Collaboration with Your Technology Business Partners
  • What In-House Counsel Want - Results From the Greentarget State of Digital & Content Marketing Survey
  • How to Use Marketing Automation to Measure the ROI of Your Firm’s Marketing and BD Efforts
  • By the Numbers: Using Data Analytics to Build Smarter Content Strategies
  • From Soup to Nuts: Successful CRM Implementations
  • How Law Firms are Using Technology to Bridge Multigenerational Marketing and Business Development
  • Roundtable on What Legal Marketers Need to Know About Emerging Technologies
  • How Small and Mid-Size Firms Can Use Technology to Compete with Big Firms
  • What's Next in Digital
  • TED-TALK Segment 1
    • Video Production in the Legal Marketing World - an In-House Perspective
    • Automation: Turning Contacts and Content Into Opportunities
    • Achieving Client-Centricity with Data
    • Managing Data/SPAM Compliance Risk - What You Need to Know About CASL & GDPR
  • TED-TALK Segment 2
    • How to Do BD Tech Without a BD Technologist
    • Best Practices in Blogging
    • How ERM Signature Scraping is Transforming the CRM Landscape
    • Differentiate or Die: Harness the Right Data, Generate Winning Proposals


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